Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ripple Scarf

Finally finished another knitting project, and this one took about four weeks to complete.  It is actually a bit longer than the pattern specified, as I thought I would simply finish two complete skeins of yarn.  So, with about 1/3 of the second skein left, I finally decided to measure.  It was at 72" long and I decided that was LONG enough!  A friend shared the pattern for this Ripple Scarf, and it was a nice "big" project.  Such a simple pattern - the stitches are all either knit, yarn-over, or knit 2 together.  Great for a beginner like me, as I am still awkward doing purl stitches.  

The yarn is a Patons Classic Wool from Michaels, and I really like the deep rich colors (even though they look a bit washed out from the camera flash).  

And it intrigues me how the yarn 'ripples' with the simple stitches.  Of course, each row of stitches is straight when on the knitting needle, but as the stitched rows move farther away from the needle the yarn 'gathers' at the point where there are two K2tog stitches.  

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  1. Love it, Sheila! Are you bringing knitting to convention? We need to have another knitfest!!!

  2. Thanks, Donna. :)

    Yes, I will be bring some knitting with me to Convention. Have lots of airplane travel time to fill too. Just today, was trying to decide what project would be good to take with me. We will definitely have to get together with Nona for a Knitfest!

  3. I'm all for knitfest!!! :)

    Love the scarf Sheila! :D


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