Friday, October 16, 2009

Dainty Thoughts - Origami Box

This cute little origami box is very easy to create. Simply stamp, score, and fold - super quick and easy. The most difficult part is tying the bow!

Actually, what took the longest time was deciding what stamps to use. I was away from home and only had a few stamp sets with me, and most of them had large images. Since this box is only 2" across, the stamp images needed to be small. I finally realized that the flowers in the Dainty Thoughts set were just the perfect size.

This 6"x6" piece has been scored and is ready for folding. One thing I really like about the little box is that the sides on the inside of the box are a continuation of the outside, so the box is decorated on the inside too. A piece of acetate is scored and cut to form the clear lid. For complete instructions, Tresa has a great video on her Fabulously Artsy blog.


  1. Your random stamping with that set is soooo cute! Great Box.

  2. Cute little box, Sheila! I need to sit still long enough to watch that video. TFS.

  3. These are so cute!

    I have seen these cute little boxes on the board, but what size and where do you get the clear box?



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