Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Knitting Projects - First Month

This picture was taken on March 31 - that is one month after I learned to knit.  I was really surprised to see that I had completed so many projects in the first month.  Also, there were four additional dishcloths that I made and already gave away.  And yes, there are two projects 'on the needles' that had been started.  Since the picture was taken, one of the items has been unraveled because I did not like working with the yarn, and the other is now a completed kitchen towel with a tab to hang it from a drawer pull.

Two of my favorite projects are this Garter Baby Bib using a pattern from Nona, who is the one responsible for teaching me to knit.  This means that I have not been stamping and creating cards to share on my blog.

The yarn is a nice, soft cotton and it was really easy to make.  The button is actually from my Close To My Heart embellishment supply - so at least I used some of my stamping supplies this month.  

And this drawstring bag is the Super Summer Backpack on the Lion Brand yarn website.
The stitch pattern was more difficult than I expected since the pattern was listed as 'Easy +' skill level, but I really like the way it turned out.  Used a self-striping yarn and am pleased with the stripes on the bag.  The I-cord for the drawstring was quite a challenge and required double-pointed knitting needles.  I must have viewed at least four different You Tube videos for knitting an I-cord and re-watched a couple of them several times trying to figure out how to do this.  If you look closely, the knitting is not very smooth and even.  After starting, unraveling, and re-starting about eight times, I finally decided that it would just be a good example of 'beginner' work and kept going until there was 48" of the cord.

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  1. Way to go Sheila! :) You have caught the knitting bug for sure. Should I feel badly about stealing you away from paper crafts?

    Hehe... I'm sure the new catty will draw you back to CTMH soon.

    In the meantime, happy knitting! Your projects are fantastic! And thanks for the plug for my bib pattern.


  2. Great job, Sheila! I love the backpack! I have been making lots of dishrags from the pattern you sent me.

  3. LOVERLY!!!!

    I love that bag!

    Inky Smiles!


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