Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth of July in Washington DC

Caught the sun behind the Washington Monument on a beautiful, sunny evening.   

We sat down so close to the Monument that we could not get the entire height in one photo. 

Lots of people everywhere.  But we were pleasantly surprised that it did not feel over-crowded at all.  There was plenty of room to walk around, find a seat, and just enjoy the evening.   We could see the side of the stage with some live musical performances, and the sound through the speaker system was really nice.  Lots of patriotic songs, both before and during the fireworks show. 

There was a beautiful sunset over the city. 

And then some gorgeous stripes of pink clouds. 

Our festive glow sticks - red, white, and blue, of course.

At 9:10, let the fireworks begin!

In the lower portion of some of the fireworks photos, you can see some small white squares of light.  This is actually a 'sea' of cell phones as people held them up to take photos of the fireworks.  It was a funny sight to see. 

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