Saturday, September 4, 2010

Norwegian House Slippers

While surfing online looking for a knitting project, I found a pattern for Norwegian House Slippers.   These intrigued me because they are created by knitting eight squares of different colors of yarn, and then folding and sewing the L-shape of knitted squares in a unique way to create the slipper shape.  And I had to consult a YouTube video to do the fold correctly.  In fact, I had to play-stop-replay-stop-replay the video several times before actually figuring it out.  But once I figured out how it was done, then the second slipper was easy and I did not even need to view the video.  

[EDITED--looks as though the instructions that I had originally used and linked to have been removed.  Here is a link to another Norwegian House Slipper knit pattern that I found online.] 

The slippers  are knit using wool, and then washed in very hot water to "felt" the wool.  The felting process shrinks the size of the knitted item, and creates an actual felt fabric out of the knitted yarn. 

 Step 1:  knit 8 squares in an L-shape, using 3 different colors of wool yarn

 Step 2:  Fold and sew into a slipper shape

Step 3:  Put on foot to see how HUGE the slipper is before felting (and shrinking)

 Step 4:  Finished slipper (after felting)

Honestly, I am not completely pleased with the final outcome.  The toes are too 'pointy' and overall the felted fabric is not nice and smooth.  Maybe they will be more appreciated this winter when my feet are cold!  And they do look much better ON a foot. 

The wool takes a surprisingly long time to dry.  After the felting process in the washing machine and sitting out for three days, the slippers are still quite damp.  

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  1. what a fun project Sheila! I think they look great. Felted work will never feel completely smooth, so don't stress about that.

    i think you're ready to knit a pair of real socks now! ;)

  2. so where does one find the details, please: size of squares, needle size, etc. tk Sharon

    1. Unfortunately, it looks as though the instructions that I had originally used and linked to have been removed. Here is a link to another Norwegian House Slipper knit pattern that I found online.

      And I highly recommend that you search YouTube for a video to assist with the 'folding' and sewing together of the slipper after the knitting is complete.


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