Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Squirrel ...

The Squirrel ...

This afternoon I looked out on our deck and saw a squirrel sitting on top of a storage cabinet. He was there for quite a while and I thought - how cute, he's just hanging out enjoying the afternoon.

A while later, I glanced at the deck and noticed what looked like confetti. How curious ...

Then I realized that the darn squirrel had been CHEWING on the cabinet trying to get inside.

Yes, there is a bucket of sunflower seeds stored in the cabinet. Those squirrels certainly have an amazing sense of smell! And they will attempt to chew through anything.

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  1. What a crazy squirrel. I have one who is raiding my birdfeeder, since squirrels usually hang in the well treed neighborhood behind us (and seldom head over our way)I enjoy his visits. I'm wondering how long I'll continue to be amuzed by his antics.


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