Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ChaCha - get answers to your questions via text!

Last night, my daughter introduced me to ChaCha. If you haven't tried this free 'question & answer' service via text messaging, you don't know what you're missing. It's incredibly easy to use. You simply text any question you may have to ChaCha (242242). First, you will receive a quirky, fun message letting you know that they are working on your question. Then, within a couple of minutes you will receive your answer! Some of the questions we asked were:

- How do you spell whiskey? (she had seen it both with and without an 'e')
- What is the purpose of a train caboose?
- Who sang Ruby Tuesday?

The answers we received were accurate and helpful. In fact, for the train caboose question, we were able to text 'more' three times to receive even more detailed info.

Be sure to write a complete question, not just key words like you would do in Google. And also be sure that you have unlimited text messaging on your cell phone - because you're going to end up sending and receiving lots of messages! :) What is really fun is that at the bottom of the messages, there is info on other 'menus' that you can access; i.e. jokes, Chuck Norris jokes, blonde jokes, kid jokes, insult/slams, etc. Another really useful feature is defining words - simply text 'def' and then a word. ChaCha will text you back with the definition.

We had a lot of fun and laughs last night in the car playing with ChaCha!

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