Sunday, June 28, 2009

Meet Moxie!

We have a new resident at our house - Moxie. She is approximately eight weeks old.
We were having trouble coming up with a name, so did a Google search for kitten names. According to the cat-names website, Moxie means "Ability to face difficulty with courage." The name really fits her, and she needs courage to come into a house with two mature cats. So far, Toklata is just indifferent towards her, and Mac is scared of her. When she got close to him, he ran all the way down to the basement to hide.

She loves playing with the little 'puff balls.' These little pom-poms have always been a favorite toy for our cats. And look at those claws!
You can see how small she is when Samantha is holding her. She really loves to explore, play, and then climb on someone to take a nap. And she is always purring. :)

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