Thursday, July 2, 2009

Toklata & Mac

Since our new kitty Moxie was featured in a post, thought it was only fair to the other cats to have their pictures shared also.

Toklata has been with us for over seven years, and she is 'queen kittie' of the household. One of her favorite spots is Aaron's office chair.

Mac was an adorable kitten, and has always been playful.

In the summer, he usually finds a snake nest and will occasionally bring home a baby snake to play with.

It's not very often that they are near each other. It's been over three years since Mac came to live with us, and Toklata is still just ignoring him and pretending that he isn't around. When Mac was a kitten, he would try to play with Tok - but she wasn't interested at all.
One interesting note, all three cats went to the vet last week. Toklata and Mac each weighed just a little over 14 pounds, and Moxie weighed just 2.2 pounds. That is quite a size difference. Fortunately, she is not intimidated by the others at all.

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