Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sticky Boy Passes Endurance Tests!

This is a super cute video that Close To My Heart used to present the My Acrylix clear stamps to consultants at our Convention in 2004. And now the company is sharing it on YouTube for everyone to enjoy. Watch the Sticky Boy mascot endure tests for impact, temperature, and exposure by 'sticking' on golf clubs, bowling balls, frying pans, clothes dryers, windshields, and more.

At CTMH events (Convention, Leadership, regional events) since the introduction of the My Acrylix stamps, there have been 'hidden' Sticky Boy stamps placed around the conference rooms and hallways.  This is one that I found stuck to a rainy window in Bartle Hall when National Tour was in Kansas City.  And a Flat Sticky Boy (remember Flat Stanley) that visited the Salt Lake City Convention in 2006.  It is always fun to hear a bunch of grown women get excited about finding Sticky Boy!  

And at Convention, you can even meet the Sticky Boy character.   Here he is with Jeanette Lynton - our company founder and CEO. 

Psst ... from what I've heard, it is actually her husband, David, who is playing the role of Sticky Boy. 

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  1. why yes, that was a FUNN convention with Stickster. I had no idea you had that pic - it is better than any picture I had! LOL.

    Thanks for the heads up and I'll tell Kathy we are almost famous!

  2. I love that video! My favorite is the blender!!


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