Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wacky Little Birds - CU Charm Swap

Next weekend, I am attending Creative University and signed-up to participate in a Charm Swap.  Specifics included using the colors pink, green, white, and silver with a "springtime" theme to create a unique charm.  So, I found an un-opened package of Sculpey Clay in my craft room that was purchased years ago and decided to use it - even though I've never worked with clay before.  After scouring the internet and finding detailed instructions for a cute little bird, I finally had a plan.  My bird is not nearly as detailed, but it is only a half-inch tall.  

Well, the first bird was cute and fun to make.  But honestly, after working with teeny, tiny pieces of clay for four hours and creating 18 birds - they just look "goofy" to me!   Here is the flock of birds - fresh out of the oven. 

These three little guys have not been glazed yet.  So, do they just look wacky?   

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  1. You are going to Creative U...I am drooling with jealousy..
    Your birds are goofy and fun and I love them!

  2. Oh Sheila, these goofy birds are so great. I just love their littleness. You have flow'n out of the nest with these. <3

  3. Sheila, these came out so fun!
    Love your wacky little birds.

  4. OMG Sheila...those are ADORABLE!! How fun for you to go to CU...I can only dream about it. Have fun!

  5. Those are some mighty cute little feathered friends!! Great Idea!! Hey...congrats on winning the pen set!! WOOHOO!!


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