Tuesday, March 9, 2010

First Knitting Projects!

Here it is - my first completed knitting project.  There are quite a few flaws in the hat, but I am proud of it anyway. 

The finished piece before sewing up the seam.  It took me a lot of hours to complete that much knitting!

And I bought some cotton yarn yesterday, looked up an easy pattern for a dishcloth online, and made my first dishcloth last night.  It took me four hours.  
One great hint that Nona gave me was to search on YouTube for help with stitches.  There are some really helpful videos for basic knitting.  So if you are wanting to learn or just need a refresher lesson, YouTube is an excellent source.

Certainly looks like I have a preference for yellow yarn.  Maybe it is just the anticipation of springtime.

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  1. Love the hat Sheila! And yes, YouTube has everything. You can even watch free-motion quilting.

  2. Good for you, Sheila!! And, dishcloths can make some great little gifts..... Good going!!!

  3. Cute hat! I love using cotton yarn to make dishcloths too. My yarn stash is almost as great as my paper stash. LOL I totally know how many hours it takes to do that much knitting. My very first project after making a washcloth while learning was to make a baby blanket that was comprised of knitted squares stitched together. I almost cried when it came time to give it to my newborn nephew. LOL It took me over 100 hours to make it! I've learned many lessons since then, and just keep on happily knitting.

  4. Wow Shelia! Nice work! Very impressive. Looks nice on you.

  5. Great job! It gets easier with each project. And I agree, You Tube is such a huge help.

  6. Love that yellow! Thanks for joining the linky party!

  7. Those are the BEST dishrags! My mother-in-law gave me a bunch for my shower and I'm still using them!


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