Saturday, March 6, 2010

Earrings and Knitting

Last weekend was Creative University and I got to spend several days with some good friends while working on some fun projects.  

While working on my Charm Swap items, I thought that my 'filler' charm would make some cute earrings.  They are the ones in the center of the photo with the light pink and green blocks.  

So, I bought a few extra supplies, gathered some beads from the craft room, and packed them for the trip.  It was fun to pick out which beads to put together.  And it is really easy to put the beads on a head pin and then wrap the top end around the loop of an earring hoop.  Well, it is easy as long as you have some jewelry round nose pliers.  And now I have nineteen new pair of earrings!

And I am so pleased that Nona taught me to knit.  After several starts, rip outs, and re-starts, I did finish a rectangle.  I think of it as a dishcloth, but the yarn is a wool blend so don't think that would work well for getting wet and washing dishes.  You can certainly see that the first few rows on the bottom are a bit uneven, but I was proud of the improvement in the upper rows.        


The piece of knitting still on the needles is going to be a hat.  It is all knit stitches, no purls, so it is good for me as a beginning project.  This picture was taken a few days ago, and I have several sections of the hat completed now.  When it is complete, I will be sure to post a picture. 

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  1. Your knitting looks awesome! Glad I got to see the earrings in person. Darling!

  2. Awesome Sheila! Your earrings are beautiful and your knitting looks great!

    Can't wait to see that finished hat.

  3. Oh how fun, Sheila. I'd love to learn how to knit, but I don't know any knitters (not that I can sit down in the same room with - LOTS of my favorite online creative people seem to knit.)

    Love the earrings!

  4. Great job on the earrings and the knitting too! I learned how to knit a few years ago. I confess I still consider myself a beginning knitter. I can cast on, knit, purl, and cast off, but beyond that I can't say that I know much. I sure love doing it though and I love how knitting makes the yarn feel softer than it does if crocheted.


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