Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tomato Plant or Squirrel Feeder?

Back in May, we planted a tomato plant in one of the Upside-Down Hanging planters. I was so excited about this idea and was really looking forward to enjoying some delicious home-grown tomatoes this summer. After a month, the plant was growing well and had some blossoms. Every day, we have watered the plant and watched it grow. After all the effort, I was a bit disappointed that there were only three tomatoes - but at least they were growing.

Look what we found on the deck this week ...

One of the many squirrels that frequent our deck had picked the tomato off the plant and placed it on the deck railing for his personal little buffet! Evidently, he picked the tomato, ate some of it, and then left it on the railing so he could come back later to enjoy some more. After a couple of days, the first tomato was completely eaten - and so Mr. Squirrel picked the other big tomato and placed it on his personal buffet. It was a definitely a squirrel because one day I saw one jump from the railing and cling to the tomato plant.

Just today, we noticed a couple more small tomatoes on the plant, but I am so discouraged that I'm not sure that I will continue to water the plant. What a disappointment!

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  1. Ahhhh Little rascals. Keep at it...hopefully the plant will produce more tomatoes than they can eat. I didn't even know squirrels ate tomatoes!!


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