Sunday, May 24, 2009

Upside-Down Hanging Tomato Plant

Finally decided to try out one of those new funky upside-down planters, hoping that I'll be able to grow some great tomatoes right on the deck outside the kitchen. According to the package, the composition of the container helps trap heat and acts as a greenhouse to encourage good root growth.

The tomato plant is not very big yet - if you look closely, you can see it hanging out the bottom of the planter. Unfortunately, I didn't buy enough soil to fill the container - it is only about two-thirds full. But, it is very heavy! And of course, adding water just makes it heavier. We have it hanging from the cross beam using a strong bungee cord. Just hope it lasts through the summer. Aaron helped me assemble and hang the planter. It is definitely a two-person job because of the awkardness of having the plant hanging out of the bottom, and because of the weight.

Also, I placed some marigolds nearby. Marigolds have a strange, musky scent and the smell deters some insects - so it is a great companion plant for tomatoes. Hopefully this organic method of pest control will keep some of the bugs away.

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  1. I elected to create my own out of a standard bucket from Walmart.

    Yours are doing well...

    You can see step by step pictures if interested..



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