Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Trinkets - Create Your Own Snow

An inexpensive and easy way to add the look of 'snow' to your cards and scrapbook pages is to use some glittery styrofoam balls.  Simply take two styrofoam balls and rub them together over a craft tray.  The craft tray will catch all the 'dust' that is scraped off the balls. 

This material is very soft and can be adhered onto your greeting card using any type of adhesive.  The consistency of the styrofoam 'dust' snow is the same as the colored Flower Soft products that are available at some scrapbook stores.

For this card using the Holiday Trinkets stamp set, glue was simply put on the edges of the stamped image and then the styrofoam 'snow dust' was added. The 'snow dust' gives some nice dimension to the card - and would be great for use as Santa's beard, or the cuffs of his suit and hat. 

I was lucky enough to find a slightly damaged package of glittery styrofoam balls at a local store.  The balls were not very uniform and had chucks out of them - but that was just fine for my purpose, since I was going to rub them together to create 'snow dust.'  The marked-down, damaged package was only $1.26, compared to $3.95 or higher for a package of styrofoam balls in "perfect" condition.

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